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Save €221.00Ferifolk Fiona dress pink organic cotton 06Ferifolk Fiona dress pink organic cotton 01
The Fiona dress Sale price€94.00 Regular price€315.00
Save €209.00Feri Rita dress pastel6FeRi Pastel Rita dress 04
The Meadow Rita Dress Sale price€89.00 Regular price€298.00
Sold outJen Top (Blue Multi)Jen Top (Blue Multi)
Jen Top (Blue Multi) Sale price€255.00
Sold outFerifolk kayla dress organic cotton 25Ferifolk alex jumpsuit organic cotton 35
The Kayla dress Sale price€259.00
Sold outFerifolk Mary dress organic cotton 26Ferifolk Mary dress organic cotton 24
The Mary Dress Sale price€259.00
Save €127.50Mina skirt (Blue)Mina skirt (Blue)
Mina skirt (Blue) Sale price€127.50 Regular price€255.00
Sold outSave €127.50Jen Top (red)Jen Top (red)
Jen Top (red) Sale price€127.50 Regular price€255.00
Sold outFerifolk bella skirt orange fibre 64 1Ferifolk bella skirt orange fibre 65
The Belle skirt Sale price€265.00
Sold outFerifolk sara dress organic cotton 115Ferifolk katie top orange fibre 49 1
The Sara Dress Sale price€315.00
Sold outMina skirt ( pink)Mina skirt ( pink)
Mina skirt ( pink) Sale price€255.00
Save €80.00Ferifolk sara dress organic cotton 111Ferifolk katie top orange fibre 46
The Katie top-multi Sale price€118.00 Regular price€198.00
Save €89.50FeRi Katie top pink orange03FeRi Katie top pink orange01
The Pink Katie top Sale price€89.50 Regular price€179.00