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Remade & Deadstock

At FéRí we love and value the story of a garment or fabric. We are interested in the story of where clothes come from and where they end up. We aim to be a no-waste company and we repurpose the fabric we can’t use. We constantly ask where and why something is made, and by whom.  End-of-roll fabrics also known as ‘deadstock fabric’ destined for landfill, are combined with hand embroidered textiles ( vintage table cloths, napkins) and locally sourced Irish linen to create unique pieces that embody and continue the story of the brand.

Our motto at FéRí is ‘Wear. Care. Mend. Lend’ and it is key to everything we do. We are a brand born out of creativity and resourcefulness. The love of up-cycling is embedded in the FéRí ethos. One of the ways in which we are accomplishing our sustainability goals (and having a lot of crafty fun) is by eliminating our waste output. We do this by up-cycling and re-claiming any of our unsold fabric and pieces from previous collections. We don’t believe in discounting our designs dramatically below their worth. Instead, we value each and every fabric we work with and enjoy the creative challenge of making something new from something old.

Wear. Care. Mend. Lend